From Tball to Major League, baseball has become a symbol of America for over 130 years.  Our organized youth baseball league brings in over 650 boys and girls each year to the green fields of Slater Field in Bourbonnais.  The smell of fresh-cut grass, the sounds of fans and fellow teammates cheering, and the crack of the bat build so many qualities in our kids.  TEAMWORK, PRIDE, PERSERVERANCE, DEDICATION and COMMITMENT to do their best, are just a few things built on a ball diamond.

The generosity of our local business owners and managers such as you, allow our league to continue to thrive and appeal not only to our players but to parents, grandparents and neighbors.  This season, like others before it, we appeal to you to help make our season another great one!  You have the added benefit to feature your business to all the families who attend each of our games.  

We understand that there are several youth organizations and charities looking for help in our community.  It is with great hope that you continue to donate to our league and our players throughout the baseball season, and beyond.

Cost for sponsorship levels are below:

T-Ball                                            4-5 Year olds                      $300.00 per team
Coach Pitch                                 5-6 Year olds                      $300.00 per team
Kid Pitch                                       7-8 Year olds                     $300.00 per team
Minor League                              9-10 Year olds                   $400.00 per team
Major League   (returning)        11-12 Year olds                 $400.00 per team
Pony League                               13-14 Year olds                  $400.00 per team
Fence Sign                                                                                $300.00 per sign
TEAM AND SIGN DISCOUNT                                                  $100.00 DISCOUNT

Checks are payable to:
BB Baseball
BRADLEY, IL  60915

Local Sponsors